• ALT publishes collection of articles from their Playful Learning Conference

    ALT have published, via their Research in Learning Technology journal, a themed collection of articles deriving from the second Playful Learning Conference, held in July 2017.

  • Findings from the Association for Learning Technology Annual Survey

    The first report from the ALT Annual Survey, launched in December 2014, has been published.

    The survey was primarily for ALT members but open for anyone to respond. The purpose of this survey was to:

    • Help map the ALT strategy to practice within our community in order to better meet and represent our members’ needs;
    • Show how Learning Technology is used across sectors;
    • Understand current and future practice.

    Analysis of the survey responses indicates a number of areas ALT should continue to support and develop.

    Priorities for the membership are ‘Intelligent use of learning technology’ and ‘Research and practice’, while ‘Online/blended delivery’ and ‘Course design’ remain to be key areas of work.

    The survey also reveals a number of emerging areas including ‘Data and Analytics’ and ‘Open Education’ and as such our community may benefit from development opportunities ALT can provide.

    The survey is also a reminder that ALT has an essential role in enabling members to develop research and practice in areas which might be considered as less of a priority by the majority of respondents.

    Maren Deepwell, Chief Executive of ALT said:
    "The findings highlight the breadth of Learning Technology across sectors and amongst ALT’s membership. As use of technology for learning, teaching and assessment grows, so do the needs of senior managers, teachers, researchers and learners. Areas of practice that may have been niche interests in the past have become more commonplace as learner expectations and employers requirements are shaped by the rapid evolution of digital technologies."

    "As learning technology and its effective implementation at scale become a greater strategic priority in Higher and Further Education but also in other learning landscapes, the role of the Association bringing together the expertise and experience of its 1400+ members, becomes more important also."

    The findings of this new Annual Survey will have a direct impact on the work of the Association representing and serving its members in the coming year.

    Both this report and the anonymised survey data have been released under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 Licence and are available to download from

  • Open Education and OER - A Call to Action from ALT

    The field of Open Education Resources has been in existence for many years, and whilst some of its' proponents have a clear view that all resources produced using public money, should be available free of charge to the public, it's a message that's stubbornly remained on the back burner amongst education institutions and funding organisations.

    So with the aim of combating this stubbornness, ALT has produced a call to action.

  • Voting for ALT Learning Technologist of the Year Awards 2017 is now Open

    Established in 2007, the ALT Learning Technologist of the Year Awards celebrate and reward excellent practice and outstanding achievement in the Learning Technology field, and aim to promote intelligent use of Learning Technology on a national scale.