The field of Open Education Resources has been in existence for many years, and whilst some of its' proponents have a clear view that all resources produced using public money, should be available free of charge to the public, it's a message that's stubbornly remained on the back burner amongst education institutions and funding organisations.

So with the aim of combating this stubbornness, ALT has produced a call to action.

The call to action from ALT highlights how Open Education and OER can expand inclusive and equitable access to education and lifelong learning, widen participation, and create new opportunities for the next generation of teachers and learners.  The call to action has been produced with education policy makers and professionals in mind.

One of strategic aims of ALT is to increase the impact of Learning Technology for the wider community and this call to action to mandate that publicly funded educational resources are released under open licence would ensure they reside in the public domain and are freely and openly available to all.

If OER was more widely adopted in will enable education providers and learning technology professionals to:

  1. Keep up to date with the rapid pace of technological innovation
  2. Develop critical, informed approaches to the implementation of Learning Technology and the impact on learners
  3. Scale up knowledge sharing and its benefits across sectors.

You can download the Call to Action here.