Agile principles call for iterative and incremental development that improves as a project advances. It’s an effective way to make project corrections as requirements change.

This podcast with Megan Torrance cover the following topics:

  •     Where Agile started and what it’s about
  •     How Agile is different than Addie or the waterfall method
  •     Six key Agile practices that apply to eLearning project management
  •     How to improve through iteration and making incremental advancements
  •     Determining what to include in the early iterations
  •     The meaning of LLAMA and the model
  •     Reputation of the eLearning industry
  •     How to run an Agile project adapted for LX design
  •     Convincing clients that an iterative approach results in the best solution
  •     Tool recommendations for Agile project management

Listen to the podcast at The eLearning Coach.