In the digital world, one can turn to a blog, Wikipedia, social media platforms, online knowledge forums, videos, etc., and get informed on just anything. The information available is abundant. You might think if there is a concrete need of a learning management system (LMS) versus letting the employees find and learn on their own.

The second way sounds simple but unless you have just started your business or have a very small workforce, it is not going to be an effective method in the long run. Right from analyzing the skills required, sourcing the right learning material, checking its authenticity, easy access, to measurement and tracking, etc., will be a problem if you just let your employees learn on their own.

Using a LMS is the only way through which, you can provide a systematic and centralized learning process for your employees. And, the first and most critical aspect of selecting a LMS is evaluating your own requirements and objectives.

This article from Viren R Kapadia on KM World will help you in your selection.