If text and images are the stars of an eLearning course, then audio in eLearning is one of its most effective supporting actors. It has the power to create the perfect atmosphere and set the tone for the entire eLearning experience. 

eLearning is typically associated with written online content and visuals. In some cases, even tactile elements are integrated to cater to our sense of touch. But the ears are often left out of the equation.

Using the right audio in your eLearning course design can make it even more engaging, emotional, and memorable for your online learners. This results in greater knowledge retention and absorption, which maximizes the benefits of your eLearning program.

Christopher Pappas believes that if you want to achieve the desired effect you must follow the following 7 golden rules for using audio in eLearning. Read about his golden rules in this article at eLearning Industry.