This report from Audit Scotland brings together the issues they have identified whilst reviewing public sector ICT projects.  Whilst aimed at public sector organisations in Scotland, the issues identified and core principles laid out are relevant to all organisations.

With the advances in digital technologies, and as more and more public sector organisations look to digital to transform the way they deliver services, it has never been more important for these organisations to do it right.

Managed effectively, information and communication technology (ICT) and digital programmes can transform public services and make a real and positive difference to people’s lives. However, the difficulties in managing such programmes are well documented and remain a complex challenge for Scottish public sector bodies.

This document summarises the issues Audit Scotland have identified in previous reports, bringing together the common themes into one place.

Rather than provide a checklist of actions, Audit Scotland have organised these themes into a set of core principles.

All organisations should consider these, both before embarking on digital programmes or projects and throughout the project lifecycle.

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