The LMS is still a massive commitment for any organisation, both in terms of staff resource and budget.

Get an implementation wrong, and you can be saddled with an albatross for few years to come; get it right, and it can form the backbone to a dynamic learning culture.

Here's a couple of current articles that will give you a few ideas about what to be aware of when you are in discussion with your chosen vendor short-list.


Donald Clark - The LMS is dead, long live the LMS! (Swap out LMS with VLE if you wish.)

Some love them, some hate them. Some love to hate them. Me? I see downsides and upsides. They work for some, not for others.

Read what Donald Clark sees as the 10 pros and cons of the LMS.


Craig Weiss - Five LMS Sins

Sin #1 - Pricing
Sin #2 - Mobile Misleads
Sin #3 - 3rd Party Courseware installed into your LMS
Sin #4 - Deep Learning is here, Misleading marketing is not far behind
Sin #5 - Content Curation means one thing, and not necessarily what the vendor says it means

Read Craigs' article at the e-Learning 24/7 Blog