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- If you were an animal what would you be?
- We need animals that "charge" or eagles


  • To generate high quality sales leads for the sales team.
  • Increase our SEO rankings by creating high quality backlinks and posting content
  • Create insightful and thought provoking content (with help from others) including blog and social posts, slideshares, and other rich media tools
  • Widely distribute content to target markets using email, blogs, social
  • Network with industry key opinion leaders, bloggers and analysts
  • Work with our external marketing agency to guide on content ides, features and PR
  • Our platform will launch later in the year in 20 languages. The ideal candidate will have experience in managing translation projects or helping businesses grow and expand overseas


  • Exceptional story telling capability, linking problems to solutions and evidencing with data and pictures. You will be an awesome creator of outstanding content.
  • You will be interested and an advanced user of tools such as slideshare, pintrest, and the many other channels that can take content and deliver it beautifully
  • You will be able to take content and distribute it to those who it will interest in channels such as social media and industry focused groups on LinkedIn, twitter and Google+
  • You will have a strong data management background and understand how to create new target lists to attack market segments using tools such as ZoomInfo and linkedIn.
  • You will be able to segment data and distribute optimised content to each target audience
  • You will love CRM systems, working with the sales team to refine process from lead creation to handover
  • You will be an exceptional communicator and team player. You will be able to understand the growth aspiration and have the skills to place content and drive lead creation using multiple channels.

About us:

  • You will be joining a small, well resourced and highly competent team. Who are passionate about travel and adventure.
  • We are moving from our start-up phase to early growth phase.
  • There is no place in our business for gossip or politics. It is not 9-5 culture. The role will be addictive. Days zoom by.
  • We are data and results driven. You must be comfortable with change and be able to adapt as the data and results change
  • We need a heads down, focused person that understands their place on the team and will be passionate about exceeding the plan and delighting your colleagues.

If you join, you join on the understanding and mindset that this business belongs to each and every one of us. We work shoulder to shoulder and carry a full load.

The role is very task orientated.
Failing or not quite getting it right.... is fine... so long as you are humble, learn and were seriously "going for it."
If you are one of life's "chargers" - you will fit in well here.
Above average rates of pay, bonus and benefits are offered.
Please tell us why you fit the bill, send some examples of your work and salary range expectations.
Please email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

First ScotRail plc, winner of the prestigious 2014 Scottish Award for Business Excellence accolade are hosting their own informative learning journey at the Quality Scotland’s Offices in Edinburgh on 25th February, 2015.

First ScotRail became members of Quality Scotland in 2011 and quickly embarked on their own Journey to Excellence. Initially being awarded Committed to Excellence in 2012, the First ScotRail team quickly went on to win Recognised for Excellence 5–Star and subsequently become the overall winner and achieve the Scottish Award for Business Excellence, 2014!

As well as a presentation detailing their journey, First ScotRail will be focussing on how they implemented the EFQM Model and RADAR logic to continuously improve their services for both their customers and staff.

Elaine Bell, Head of Corporate Responsibility, will present on how First ScotRail develop their people in a way that motivates, builds commitment and enables them to use their skills and knowledge for the benefit of the organisation with particular focus on their systematic approach to succession planning and their innovative Modern Apprenticeship programme in Customer Service.

Elaine will also present on the strong leadership within the organisation focussing on the proactive role modelling lead by the Executive team as well as ongoing strategy to maintain their 5-Star way of working.

About First ScotRail
As the UK’s largest rail operator with four franchises; First ScotRail currently operate one quarter of the UK passenger rail network, including intercity, commuter and regional services. The leading transport operator in the UK and North America, with annualised revenues of over £6 billion per annum, First ScotRail transport a massive 2.5 billion passengers a year.

Who Can Attend

  • Managers
  • Senior Managers
  • Decision Makers
  • Individuals across all sectors responsible for continuous improvement and quality management within their organisation

Don't miss out on this valuable learning and networking opportunity.

Book online now!

The price is £50 +VAT for members of Quality Scotland and £70 + VAT for non-members.

Date: Wednesday, 25th February 2015, 10am - 12.30pm
Venue: Quality Scotland, 28 Drumsheugh Gardens, Edinburgh EH3 7RN

From Training Press Releases

Alliance Member, Glasgow City College, has launched its first ever mobile learning app with fantastic results.

As part of Glasgow City College’s ongoing commitment to promote Equality and Diversity amongst the student population, the college commissioned a course that would run on both mobile and desktop platforms.  “With Equality and diversity being such an issue at the moment for universities and colleges around the country, we decided to commission a course with Marshall ACM.” commented Graeme Brewster, Equality and Diversity Manager. “We noted that an exponential number of College Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) student sign-ins are being done on mobile devices (IOS/Android). Also, the College has a big drive on accessibility and digitisation contributed to the decision of creating a mobile friendly package.” 

To ensure the course could reach as large an audience as possible, the app was designed to be compatible with all platforms whether they’re an iphone, Android of Windows device. Speaking about the design of the app, MD and founder of Marshall ACM David Marshall said: “We were very careful about the design of the course, we needed it to contain all the core messages but using a responsive interface that reflects the way we navigate on mobile”. 

Since its launch the Equality and Diversity course has been taken by over 2500 registered students. To date, the feedback from students has shown that the course has been “very well received” prompting the college to measure the impact of the training in the months ahead.  The success of the college’s Equality and Diversity programme has been highlighted by the Education Scotland in the annual report which states:

“The emphasis placed by the college on diversity and equality issues has a positive influence on staff, with staff identifying that this impacts positively on learning and teaching “every day, and in every lesson”. Staff and learners also appreciated the personal and curricular benefits of working and learning within a very diverse environment. The diversity of the college environment and the focus on equalities good practice has had a significant impact on the culture of the college. One member of staff commented that “equality and diversity has moved from a tick box exercise to be embedded within the culture – it doesn’t feel like an added extra any more”. 

Further details about the project at Marshall ACM

Online learning and development company Aurion Learning recently launched their second annual Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report, detailing their achievements and successes throughout 2014.

The report, available to download here, outlines the initiatives Aurion has taken over the past year to positively impact their employees, local community and the environment.

Initiatives undertaken include participation in digital literacy programmes for over-65s, reading with children in local primary schools and the introduction of a number of measures designed to encourage employee engagement and wellbeing.

Aurion Learning’s endeavours to conduct business responsibly were recognised in May 2014 when they were selected as ‘Right Place to Work’ in the Irish News Workplace and Employment Awards.

As well as benchmarking CSR successes in 2014 in comparison to previous years, the report sets out six new aims for 2015, ensuring the continuing development of initiatives and practices that enable Aurion Learning to conduct responsible business.

Speaking of the report, Ciaran O’Hare, Director of Aurion Learning said:

“Conducting business responsibly is one of our core values at Aurion and the publication of our achievements to date and our aims for the future allows us to communicate this to stakeholders both inside and outside of the company.”

We had a range of great discussions at our Members Network Meeting held on 30th January at Skills Development Scotlands offices in Glasgow.

Our main speaker was Ian Fyfe from Skills Development Scotland who gave an overview of the Partner Zone of My World of Work.  There's an enormous resource included within My World of Work, and it's well worth a visit so you can either use these tools directly with your staff and customers, or even just to get an idea of what you can include within your LMS or learning portal.

We followed up Ians presentation by a round table discussion about the tools we're using and the challenges we're expecting to face in the coming year.

Tools discussions included Create eLearning, Articulate Storyline, LAB within LearnPro and BILD within Brightwave.  Whilst these tools are being used across a number of our Member organisations (often in isolation in though), there's a definite desire to share ideas about learning and best practice discovered through hands-on use.  At the Alliance we will continue to collect data about these areas of common interest, and as opportunties arise, we'll arrange further Members Meetings to bring together those with an interest in learning and sharing.

Our discussions through-out the afternoon were however far more wide ranging that just development tools.  We also covered issues around SCORM, mobile learning, BYOD policies, communities of practice, sourcing content and open education resource practices.

We're currently pulling together a set of resources to accompany the notes from the Members Meeting and these will be published later in the week.

If you have a topic of interest you would be interested in sharing with Members of the eLearning Alliance, then get in touch and we'll see how we can help you get your message across.

The use of game mechanics to increase learners’ motivation is not a new concept, but this year gamification is set to come of age, moving away from being viewed as a gimmick to becoming a real contender as one of the key techniques used to motivate and engage learners. We can all expect to see gamification become more practical, more integrated, more fun and more common so we want to share why it’s so exciting!

In our predictions of the top digital learning trends for 2015, we noted an influx in the use of gamification in E-Learning and we were far from the only ones. A report by Ambient Insight placed the annual global growth rate for game-based learning at 8.3% and predicted that revenues would amount to a massive $2.3 billion by 2017.

Why is gamification so effective?

Keller’s Model of Motivational Design outlines four strategies for motivating learners:

  • Attention
  • Relevance
  • Confidence
  • Satisfaction

Gamification is brilliant because it incorporates all four of these tactics to draw in and engross learners. The use of gaming narratives, mechanics and graphics will draw the attention of learners whilst the application of knowledge will reinforce the relevance of learning materials. Learners will have their confidence boosted by the progress they witness during their learning adventures and E-Learning which incorporates rewards and recognition will create a great sense of learner satisfaction.

In the digital age, learners have various forms of information and entertainment competing for their attention. The challenge of the educator is to deliver their information in the most relevant and gripping way.

What will be different in 2015?

Read more at Aurion Learning ...

The gap between where we are and where we could be is tremendous. In recognition of this, the Alliance is launching Challenge 2015 to help Members move towards “where we could be”.

Challenge 2015 is about having conversations, and establishing collaborations amongst Members that will help us to achieve measurable success in 2015.

So to kick-off the conversations, here's two questions to ponder:

  • How can the eLA help you achieve measurable success in 2015?
  • What specific actions could the eLA take, to help the wider e-Learning Community develop in 2015?

As our conversations develop, we'll publish the issues and challenges identified, and look for ways for our Members to work together to drive our use of eLearning forward, to help us all close the gaps between where we are, and where we could be.